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篇一 : 关于奥运的英语作文

  2008Olympics are coming, and the copmosition about 2008 Olympics is a hot topic! so Icollected this composition for our English learners! I hope it would be useful and helpful !

  New Beijing, Great Olympics

  The 2008 Olympic Game has been the most cheerful and anticipated event throughout Beijing ever since Beijing was rewarded the right to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, yet the focus should be shifted from making a promise to fulfilling the

  promise made.

  In my point of view, to bridge the gap between the promise and reality, Beijing still has a long way to go. To begin

  with, infrastructure construction should be the primary concern. Such infrastructures as communications and transportation

  system and facilities ought to draw our constant attention. First, traffic jam has been an age?old headache in Beijing. The

  scene of long queues of vehicles worming their way inch by inch will surely cause great incontinence, and blemish the image

  of the city meanwhile. Next, to add enchantment to convenience, overall city?planning is indispensable. Time permitting, a

  redesign of city layout and adjustment of architectural style would provide a better environment for fostering the

  characteristic, blending, oriental elegance with international grandeur, will tower aloft among surrounding architectures. To

  achieve such effect, Beijing shall solicit opinions from first?rate architects and make an overall plan. Thirdly, quality of

  the population should be improved. To make an international metropolis, both “hardware” and “software” are important.

  However, Rome was not built in a day. To carry out the promise of “New Beijing, Great Olympics”, deeds speak louder than words.

  Bidding for and hosting the Olympics successfully is, perhaps, the ultimate glory for a city. However, before transforming the dream into reality, the benefits and drawbacks of bidding for the Olympics should be weighed carefully.

  Hosting the Olympics surely would bring about much gain to a city. Boom of the local economy, more jobs, and the possibility of generating income all sound extremely attractive to the municipal government. At the same time, better infrastructure, cleaner environment, enjoying the spectacular game with hundreds of sports elites and entertainment stars, and the opportunity of contacting people from all over the world also seem exciting to the citizens. Besides, the bidding will definitely promote the patriotic emotion and pride, as well as the moral behavior in local people. In most cases, bidding for the Olympics is well supported by both the public and the central government.

  Unfortunately, this is not the entire view of the pretty picture. If looking from another angle, the Olympic bid might bring about some side-effects to a city.

  First of all, the environmental impacts, including the increasing exhaust fumes of cars, more pressure on water resources, huge amount of wasted leaflets and other materials used for public activities, are most probably neglected. In order to broaden the streets, some trees may have to be cut. Near the construction site, the tiny dust may linger in the air for a long time. Reduction of farmland may be caused by the need of setting up new sports centre or accommodation facilities. These environmental consequences can be especially serious in a resource-limited and densely-populated city in a third-world country.


篇二 : 关于幸运的英语作文

篇一:每一天都是幸运的Every Day is a Lucky

I teach economics at UNLV three times per week. Last Monday, at the beginning of class, I cheerfully asked my students how their weekend had been. One young man said that his weekend had not been so good. He had his wisdom teeth removed. The young man then proceeded to ask me why I always seemed to be so cheerful.
His question reminded me of something I'd read somewhere before: "Every morning when you get up, you have a choice about how you want to approach life that day," I said. "I choose to be cheerful.""Let me give you an example," I continued, addressing all sixty students in the class. "In addition to teaching here at UNLV, I also teach out at the community college in Henderson, 17 miles down the freeway from where I live. One day a few weeks ago I drove those 17 miles to Henderson. I exited the freeway and turned onto College Drive. I only had to drive another quarter mile down the road to the college. But just then my car died. I tried to start it again, but the engine wouldn't turn over. So I put my flashers on, grabbed my books, and marched down the road to the college."
"As soon as I got there I called AAA and arranged for a tow truck to meet me at my car after class. The secretary in the Provost's office asked me what has happened. 'This is my lucky day,' I replied, smiling."" 'Your car breaks down and today is your lucky day?' She was puzzled. 'What do you mean?'"" 'I live 17 miles from here.' I replied. 'My car could have broken down anywhere along the freeway. It didn't. Instead, it broke down in the perfect place: off the freeway, within walking distance of here. I'm still able to teach my class, and I've been able to arrange for the tow truck to meet me after class. If my car was meant to break down today, it couldn't have been arranged in a more convenient fashion.'""The secretary's eyes opened wide, and then she smiled. I smiled back and headed for class." So ended my story.
“我一到学校就啊地叫了起来,课后才安排拖车来把我和我的车拖走。院长办公室的秘书问我发生了什么事情。‘这是我幸运日’ 我笑着回答。”“ 你的车都抛锚了,今天还是你的幸运日?” 她疑惑不解,“你是什么意思? ”“ 我住在17英里以外”我回答说,“我的车可能在高速公路的任何一处抛锚。但是它没有。而是在一个最理想的地方抛锚:下了高速公路,到这儿只有几步路远。我还能来教课,课后我还能安排拖车找到我。如果我的车今天注定要坏掉,那这样子已经被安排得不能再方便了。”“那个秘书瞪大了眼睛,然后笑了。我也朝她笑了一下,然后去上课了。” 这就是我的故事。
I scanned the sixty faces in my economics class at UNLV. Despite the early hour, no one seemed to be asleep. Somehow, my story had touched them. Or maybe it wasn't the story at all. In fact, it had all started with a student's observation that I was cheerful.

篇二:幸运号码真的能带来好运吗?Do Lucky Numbers Really Bring Good Luck?

Lucky numbers are widely accepted by people in nowadays, the young especially. Each constellation, each blood type has their own lucky numbers. People choose a number as his or her lucky number because of various reasons, such as birthday, a special day or a story, which considered to bring good luck to them. Generally speaking, numbers such as six, eight, sixteen and eighteen are regarded as lucky numbers due to their pronunciations that refers to the implication of luckiness.
However, some other people hold the opinion that numbers have nothing to do with their fortune. They believe in their own rather than “lucky numbers”. As far as I am concerned, lucky numbers are only numbers that can bring nothing to you if you don’t try hard to get what you want. If you want happiness, for example, it can’t be realized just relying on a number. Only your effort can make happiness possible. Anyway, lucky number is personal thing, and it does encourage the person who believes in it sometimes.

篇三:幸运的一天(A lucky day)

Today is a fine day.And I am very lucky.
In the morning,I’m go fishing in a river with my parents.As time goes by,I am fishing a big fish.I am very happy,but my parents have no one fish.Next,I am fishing a small fish,but I still happy.Because my parents still have no one fish.It’s time to go home,I am fishing ten fishs,but my parents are only fishing a small fish.In the afternoon,I am playing football with my buddies.MingMing has the ball,he is kicking it to me.I am kicking the ball.It’s a beautiful goal. Next, PingPing has the ball,he is kicking to Mike.Now,Mike has the ball,he is kicking it.It’s a goal.Now,we are winning.
Today I am very lucky.And I am so happy.

篇三 : 中考英语作文范文:关于北京·奥运的话题


  Everyone knows that there is a very important sports meeting over the world called the Olympic Games.(大家都知道,奥运会是全世界的一个很重要的运动会) It’s held once every four years.(它每四年举办一次)

  The twenty-ninth Olympic Games will be held in Beijing which is the captial of China.(第二十九届奥运会将在中国首都北京举行) Beijing is an old but beautiful city, (北京是一个古老而又美丽的城市)there are many places that are famous for their scenery or historical relics here. (在那有许多地方因历史遗迹或风景而闻名)For example , the Great Wall , the Forbidden City , the Temple of Heaven and so on,(例如:长城,紫禁城,天坛等) they all show the history and culture of China.(它们都展现了中国的历史和文化)”

  “One World , One Dream”is the slogan of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games.(“同一个世界,同一个梦想”是第29届奥运会的标语。) And do you know the five happy babies?(还有你知道那五个快乐的吉祥物吗?) They are Beibei、Jingjing、Huanhuan、Yingying and Nini.(它们北北,京京,欢欢,迎迎,呢呢) In fact, they’re the personifications of animals.(事实上,它们是动物的人格化。)

  With the nice city, with the good slogan and the five happy babies, the most important is with the industrions Chinese people.(美丽的城市,好的标语和五个吉祥物,最重要的是勤劳的中国人民) I think the twenty-ninth Olympic Games will have a great success!(我认为第29届奥运会将会取得圆满成功。)

  Welcome to Beijing , welcome to China !(欢迎来到北京,欢迎来到中国)