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  1 欣赏大自然的风景 to appreciate the scenery of nature

  2 培养公德心 to cultivate the public mindedness

  3 维护健康 to maintain health

  4 保护环境 to protect the environment

  5 开拓视野 to broaden the horizon

  6 开拓心胸 to broaden the mind

  7 调剂生活 to make life pleasant

  8 松散身心 to relax oneself

  9 启迪心灵 to enlighten the mind

  10 灌输知识 to impart knowledge into someone

  11 追求理想 to seek after the ideal

  12 实现抱负 to realize one's ambition

  13 守信用 to keep one's promise

  14 跟上时代 to keep up with the times

  15 欣赏古典文学 to appreciate the classical literature

  16 学习吉他 to learn guitar

  17 陶冶品德 to cultivate the character

  18 贡献国家 to contribute oneself to the country

  19 锻炼身体 to strengthen, exercise the body

  20 缺乏休闲活动 to lack recreations

  21 作笔记 to take notes

  22 使用参考书 to use reference books

  23 关心社会 to be concerned about the society

  24 服从校规 to follow the rules of the school

  25 尽身为学生的责任 to fulfill one's duty as a student

  26 克服困难 to overcome the difficulty

  27 面临困难 to be confronted with the difficulty

  28 渡过困境 to weather the storm

  29 走快捷方式 to cut the corner

  30 量脉搏 to feel the pulse

  31 开药方 to prescribe the medicine

  32 坚守原则 to stick to the principle

  33 注意卫生 to emphasize the importance of hygiene

  34 乱丢垃圾 to litter; to scatter garbage

  35 美化环境 to beautify the environment

  36 种植树木 to grow trees

  37 防止污染 to prevent the pollution

  38 提升生活质量 to promote the qualities of life

  39 造成损害 to do damage to

  40 对...有益 to benefit; to be beneficial to

  41 对...有害 to be harmful to; to do harm to

  42 任意停车 to park the car at random

  43 制造噪音 to make noises

  44 占用人行道 to occupy the sidewalk

  45 妨碍交通 to hinder the traffic

  46 排放污烟、废气 to belch smoke, exhaust, fume

  47 造成不便 to cause inconvenience

  48 造成混乱 to bring about the disorder

  49 闯红灯 to run through the red light

  50 利用天桥 to make use of the overpass

  51 查字典 to consult the dictionary

  52 屏息 to hold one's breath

  53 流泪 to shed tears

  54 符合需要 to meet the demand

  55 生根 to take root

  56 产生结果 to bear fruit

  57 打破沉默 to break the ice

  58 气馁 to lose heart; to get discouraged

  59 振作 to pull oneself together; to take heart

  60 采取步骤 to take steps; to take measures

  61 缓和悲伤 to ease ( alleviate ) the sorrow

  62 承受负担 to bear the responsibility

  63 考虑到 to make allowance for

  64 把握机会 to seize the opportunity

  65 跑腿 to run an errand

  66 树立楷模 to set a good example

  67 接受教育 to receive education

  68 提升生活的水平 to raise the standard of living

  69 告辞 to take one's leave

  70 有很深的了解 to have a deep understanding of

  71 跟随流行 to follow the fashion

  72 提钱 to withdraw money

  73 存钱 to deposit money

  74 良心不安 the conscience stirs

  75 自立 to be independent; to stand on one's own

  76 英文很好 to have a good command of English

  77 有广泛的知识 to have a wide range of knowledge

  78 喜爱艺术 to have a great liking for arts

  79 扮演重要角色 to play an important role in

  80 聊天 to have a chat with

  81 有...才能 to have a talent for

  82 选择 to make a choice

  83 有很大的影响 to have a great influence on

  84 予人...很深的印象 to make a deep impression on

  85 愚弄 to make a fool of

  86 找借口 to make an excuse

  87 给人搭便车 to give one a lift

  88 打电话 to give someone a ring

  89 冒险 to take chances

  90 怀恨 to bear grudge against someone

  91 牢记在心 to bear .....in mind

  92 板着脸 to pull a long face

  93 对...充耳不闻 to turn a deaf ear to

  94 被开除 to be dismissed from school

  95 生气 to be angry with ( at )

  96 负担责任 to assume the responsibility

  97 符合需要 to serve the purpose

  98 变胖 to gain weight

  99 有道理 to make sense

  100 记日记 to keep a diary

  101 尽己所能 to do what one can

  102 擅长网球 to be at home in tennis

  103 郊游 to go on an outing

  104 消磨时间 to kill time

  105 增加生活的情趣 to increase the pleasures of life

  106 精神抖擞 to be ( feel ) refreshed

  107 解除紧张和焦虑 to relieve the tension and anxiety

  108 宣泄久积的情绪 to release the pent-up feelings

  109 游手好闲 to fool around

  110 准备考试 to prepare for the examination

  111 参加课外活动 to take part in the club activities

  112 无精打采的 to be listless

  113 精力充沛的 to be vigorous, energetic

  114 防台 to guard against the typhoon

  115 逃避现实 to escape the reality

  116 达到目标 to achieve the aim

  117 五育并重 to lay equal emphasis on the Five Disciplines

  118 感到无聊 to feel ( be ) bored

  119 感到剌激 to be excited

  120 感到满意 to be pleased, satisfied

  121 感到失望 to be disappointed

  122 感到振奋 to be encouraged, inspired

  123 感到气馁 to be discouraged, frustrated

  124 感到疲倦的 to be exhausted

  125 感到烦恼 to be worried, upset, disturbed, bothered

  126 放弃理想 to abandon the ideal

  127 奠定基础 to lay the foundation

  128 失去耐心 to lose patience

  129 进步 to make progress

  130 失去联络 to lose track of

  131 保持联络 to keep in touch with

  132 误入歧途 to go astray

  133 养成...的习惯 to make it a rule to; to cultivate the habit

  134 统一中国 to reunify China

  135 光复大陆 to recover the Mainland China

  136 遇到交通阻塞 to be caught in a traffic jam

  137 给...教训 to teach someone a lesson

  138 改过自新 to turn over a new leaf

  139 引以为乐 to take delight in

  140 予...以打击 to deal a heavy blow to

  141 予...以威胁 to pose a threat to

  142 取代 to take the place of

  143 预作保留 to make the reservation

  144 使...彻夜未眠 to cost someone a sleepless night

  145 充满喜悦 to be filled with joy

  146 背诵 to learn....by heart

  147 鼓励 to encourage, inspire

  148 产生不同 to make a great difference

  149 犯法 to violate the law

  150 不遗余力 to spare no efforts to