Trees Are Important to Us,Trees Are Important to Us高考英语

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  trees are important to use

  trees are very useful to people. they provide us with wood and other products. they give us shade and they help to prevent drought and floods.

  unfortunately, in many parts of our country, people havent realized the importance of trees. they cut them down at will. they are usually too lazy or too careless to plant and look after new trees. as a result, the forests continue to disappear.

  where there are no trees the rain falls on the surface, causing floods, and carries away with the rich topsoil, in which crops grow so well. when all the topsoil is gone, nothing remains but worthless deserted.

  the big floods of 1998, in parts of china, have already taught us a good lesson. so every one of us must love trees, protect forests, and keep on planting trees each year.