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  This Spring Festival, novel coronavirus is a monster, and the epidemic is severe. Every one of us should stay at home and make it impossible to spread the virus as far as possible. Our family is no exception, except that dad is on duty, we all stay at home.


  I have arranged a lot of things for myself, such as doing winter vacation homework, sports, watching TV Of course, there is also the special event of Spring Festival - playing cards. It's 24 o'clock, pull the tortoise, hit the red ten I'm tired of all this. Mother took out her magic weapon of watching the house - fishing. "What? Go fishing? I'm not going... " I gave my mother a look of horror. Mom smiled and replied, "you think more! Fishing is also a kind of card game. " "I sighed:" scared to death baby


  Mom first introduced the game rules of "fishing". It's actually a point game. Each player plays five cards first. The first player who gets a card opens one of the remaining cards. If one of the cards in the opponent's hand plus the card just turned out is exactly 14 points, then these two cards belong to you. If you don't get 14 points, go ahead and flip. To put it simply, take a card in your hand and go fishing for the card below. The total number of points of the card you fished must be 14. Of course, in the process of fishing, it is also very skilful, because the final victory is not the number of cards you can see, but the final score. The spades are the most powerful, with 4 points for each piece, followed by the hearts, with 3 points for each piece, and 2 points for each plum blossom. The diamonds are the least, with 1 point for each piece, 5 points for each commander, and 5 points for each piece.


  The game begins. Mom flips the card first. It's 6 o'clock for spades. I happen to have 8 o'clock for spades. This big fish is caught by me. I proudly look at mom and turn out a piece of diamonds. It's 10 o'clock: "it's your turn." Mom seemed helpless, she didn't have 4 o'clock, had to continue to flip, 2 o'clock hearts. "Now, there are 10 diamonds and 2 hearts at the bottom. I can catch 10 diamonds or 2 hearts. I can also catch both of them. In this way, the score will be higher and my mother's road will be blocked." I calculated carefully in my heart, but when I scanned my cards again, I found that I had no cards to fish and could only continue to flip. "Spades 1 o'clock." I cried out excitedly because I had a spade K in my hand. "Mom, I can't catch..." I prayed in silence. Mother calmly swept a circle, slowly took out a piece of red peach 1 o'clock, the next three cards swept away, just 14 o'clock. "Sorry, it's all mine!" My mother was overjoyed, but I was a bit gnashing my teeth: "hum, I'll see! In the end, I don't know who will win! " In this way, we come and go, calculate and compete with each other


  "Fishing" can not only enrich my "wojia" life, but also improve my mental arithmetic ability and adaptability. Students, we can't go out before the epidemic is completely under control, so you can also try "fishing" when you are idle and bored!



  When it comes to Spring Festival, it's usually peaceful, but this year's Spring Festival is different from that of previous years. Why? Because Wuhan has a new type of coronavirus pneumonia. Because the disease is very contagious, many cities have taken measures to deal with it. Our village has also been sealed up, and there are some guards at the entrance of the village. They have also informed that they can't visit relatives and friends this year, so they can only visit New Year online. But the new year is still to pass. After all, it's a traditional Chinese custom.


  In the morning of new year's Eve, my mother is making dumplings. My brother, I and grandpa paste couplets together. This year's Spring Festival couplets are written by my grandfather and I, and the content is searched online. Our Spring Festival couplets have seven characters in the top and bottom couplets, and four characters in the horizontal inscription, such as: "when the sails are smooth and the auspicious stars arrive, everything will be as it pleases", and the horizontal inscription, such as "welcome the new year", etc. Of course, it is also necessary to stick door gods and hang lanterns. There are two people painted on the door god, one is Qin Qiong and the other is Jingde. Qin Qiong, with a blue knife and a yellow horse: Jingde, with a yellow stick and a blue horse, looks very powerful. I hope the door god can keep the virus out of Wuhan. After the couplet was pasted, lanterns began to hang. The red lanterns added a peaceful and festive atmosphere to the Spring Festival.


  Unconsciously, we were already busy. I came to the kitchen to see if my mother's dumplings were ready. I found that my mother had already made more than half of them. I saw my mother pick up a dumpling skin with her left hand, scoop up a spoon of stuffing with her right hand and put it on the dumpling skin, fold the skin in half, pinch it with her hand, and then wrap it. The skill is so skillful that I can watch it.


  After a while, my mother brought the cooked dumplings. We ate plates and plates, but my mother was very busy.


  In the evening, the firecrackers outside crackled and crackled. My brother and I also went to the door to set off the cannon. When I lit the fire, I saw a fireworks explode on my head. It was colorful, very beautiful, and set off the beautiful sky. This is really "flaming trees and silver flowers do not stay up all night, fireworks fly to welcome the new year"!



  Spring Festival is a day of national celebration. It's a day for every family to put on lights and get together. In 2020, the Spring Festival of gengzi rat year, however, there is no laughter, no visiting relatives and friends. There are only train and car stops, shops are closed, communities are isolated, online classes are taught, and families are like rats, squatting at home and dare not go out. All this stems from novel coronavirus invading.


  Chinese novel coronavirus pneumonia has been launched fiercely in the wake of a sudden outbreak of virus. 1 billion 400 million Chinese, Chinese people all over the world and people from all over the world are filling up for China! Cheer for Wuhan!


  See the truth in the face of difficulties. The Chinese people do not flinch and go up in the face of difficulties. The epidemic is becoming more and more serious day by day, and one after another, who are going against the virus with all their strength, fearless of life and death, regardless of payment, bravely walk in the front line to fight against the virus.


  For half a month, hundreds of millions of people pay close attention to the first-line news of the war and epidemic through TV and mobile phones every day. They are looking for some consolation. Every day, they hope to see a familiar face of the national academician, Grandpa Zhong Nanshan, 84. After the outbreak, he severely warned the people, "never go to Wuhan, dangerous!" just after turning around, he went to Wuhan from Guangzhou, desperate to buy Plane tickets, seats on high-speed rail, no seats, seats in the dining car, hard work in front of the computer, came to Wuhan, he did not care about eating, sleeping, fighting against time, day and night to study the basic principles of virus, go to it.


  During this period, among the retrograde crowd, there was Liu Li, an aunt of a soldier who rushed to Wuhan. Her bloody face from the protective mask moved us. Although the mask tired your face, but in my heart you are the most beautiful, the most charming aunt!


  The 80 year old grandmother of Youyi town in Youyi county took out a deposit of 50000 yuan to find the police: "it's difficult for the country, I want to donate some money, but I don't know who to donate it to." Grandma lives alone and lives on her pension every month. When she learned that the epidemic is spreading all over the country and that the front-line staff have been sticking to their posts to fight against the epidemic day and night, grandma was determined to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic. The old lady is deeply rooted in the country and the people. She is amiable and respectable.


  The most beautiful rebel is standing beside us. We are not afraid of virus any more. Our most important task now is to stay at home, learn some cultural knowledge, exercise our bodies, improve our immunity, and let us cheer for the safe return of the rebellious.


  I believe that in 2020, the day of putting the crown on the virus will soon be gone, and people will get together and live a happy life.