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  Spring Festival is the most important festival in China .It’s to celebrate the lunar calendar ‘s new year .In the evening before the Spring Festival ,families get together and have a big meal .In many places people like to set off firecrackers .Dumplings are the most traditional food .Children like the festival very much ,because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes .They can also get some money from their parents. This money is given to children for good luck . People put New Year scrolls on the wall for good fortune .


  The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long .People visit relatives and friends with the words “Have all your wishes ”. People enjoy the Spring Festival ,during this time they can have a good rest.




  Long long ago, there was a monster called "Nian", every night it came out of the twelfth lunar month thirty, wounding prey. People know that "years" sound, afraid afraid of fire, afraid of red, to the twelfth lunar month thirty on this day, people in the house stick. The Red Spring Festival couplets, the firecrackers, the "year" scare away. This is the origin of the Spring Festival.

  As soon as the Spring Festival arrived, my favorite thing was to collect red envelopes. On the morning of the first day of the year, my mother called me, "little lazy pig, get up quickly!" Everyone is eating. " I listened to my mother's words and couldn't wait to climb up. As soon as I got out of the door, I saw my father and mother giving a neighbor's little friend a red bag. Yes, it is! I hurried to brush teeth, wash your face, to the floor, I thought: what a delicious thing today? As soon as I saw it, the neighbour had already enjoyed it. Watching people eat with relish, I quickly salivate. I quickly found a seat. Sit in your seat, and the fragrance is fragrant. I can't help but eat a lot of things at a sudden. I was full, and mom and dad came over. I stood in front of my father and mother and said, "Mom and Dad, good new year!" My father and mother gave me a red bag right away. Mom laughs and praises me! "This girl is more sensible." I was delighted, I thought: my father is very painful.

  I really hope that every lunar new year will be so happy!


  There are a lot of things that make people happy in the Spring Festival. What makes me happy is that my brother and I go downstairs and put firecrackers down.

  I remember the evening of the new year thirty, after we finished the reunion dinner, my brother and I ran like a fly, and in the small garden, I thought about how to play more fun. Finally, we came up with a good idea, brother of earth dug with an iron bar, then I will be a lit "mine" thrown in, brother just quickly buried on the soil. Then, we hide behind a tree, and so we have unfinished paternity hide, only to hear "bang behind!" A loud, both my brother and I are mud, we are scared Yizheng first, then look like each other's music ha ha. This time, two times, three times... All the time we had finished the cannons in our hands, and we turned into "mud dolls" and stopped. Then, we put rockets, mouse gun....... What we like most is the mouse gun, and it "squeaks" when it flies out. It's like saying, "I want God!" I want God? Clumsy sand? Hemorrhoids?

  When the bell of new year is going to ring, fireworks begin to smell everywhere in the dark sky. The colorful fireworks are blooming in the night like flowers. My brother and I are all excited to shout.

  The Spring Festival is the day the children play, adults or visiting relatives and friends of the day. My mother took me to the East, the west, and had a lot of good times with my friends and friends.

  The Spring Festival, how unforgettable!


  On the eve of new year's Eve, our family was busy, and my father, mother and grandmother wrapped dumplings together, because dumplings were like a small treasure, so eating dumplings means that "money is rolling" in the new year. When our family ate dumplings and watched the wonderful spring party, suddenly I saw the origin of new year's Eve: Eve is a monster, a warrior stubbornly removed the eve, so in order to commemorate the day, we set the eve of the Spring Festival on the day before. At 12, my father and I went downstairs and put off firecrackers to meet the new year's arrival! I have "fireworks firecrackers and fireworks in the old" feeling let the festive night become more colorful and peaceful! Each fireworks so nice so spectacular, let me nostalgia! You know every fireworks are said "be promoted step by step" means.

  New year's Eve has passed. The Spring Festival is coming. Today, you can't afford dumplings, because dumplings are our traditional snacks, and three dumplings will be "Rong Huafugui's thriving".

  Spring Festival has been quietly coming in the past. Everything is full of vitality, and began to face the sun sunflower smile, flowers from the new trees bloom, who began to slim, the ice on the lake gradually......

  This is really a happy holiday!


  If you ask me what is the happiest thing in the Spring Festival, I will answer: it's a new year's Eve, thirty evening, setting off fireworks and firecrackers together with my elder sister and my sister.

  On the thirty evening of the year, I and my sister and sister set off firecrackers in the granny's house together. Because the five year old sister did not dare to set off firecrackers, she began to hide in front of her grandmother's house to watch me and my sister set off firecrackers. We bought a variety of fireworks and firecrackers, there are "triangle tower", "light", "Diamond ascension"... My sister and I first set off the "lights", it is cylindrical, lit the fuse, sparks, a ball flew out from the inside, with the spherical explosion of small ball, and issued a crackling sound, we are very happy. Then I set off "Diamond lift," it's a triangular shape, with a blue appearance. As soon as the fuse was ignited, the fire was like a small bug and ran to the firecracker. As soon as the firecrackers were ignited, the firecrackers began to spin and swiftly flew to the sky. It was like a real diamond, and we were amazed and applauded at the same time.

  Since then we also set off all kinds of firecrackers. On the special night, my sister and my sister are happy to set off fireworks and fireworks freely. We are very happy, and hope that next year's Spring Festival can also set off fireworks that fascinated me.


  My happy Spring Festival

  After the New Year’s Eve dinner with my family, we began to sit down in front of the TV, and enjoyed 20xx CCTV Spring Festival gala.

  At about ten o’clock, the black sky was lightened by lots of fireworks with colorful light and happy sound. We stop watching the CCTV 20xx CCTV Spring Festival gala, and began to climb up the balcony to see the beautiful fireworks view, and my father took some fireworks up, and we also began to play fireworks. What a beautiful night.

  Later, my cell phone was ringing all the time. I received lots of short messages from my friends and classmates. They all blessed me happy New Year. I gave same bless to them by sending back the happy words. At almost 12 pm, I made a wish in New Year, and began to sleep.

  When I woke up in the first day of New Year, my father and mother gave two red packets to me, and blessed me that everything will go well on me. I thanked them, and accepted the red packets happily. I have been waiting for the day that I can get lots of red packets. This is my happiest time of the year.

  After lunch, both my family went to the park, the streets, and the shops or supermarkets. We took many photos in the park, and bought many things in the shops or supermarket. I met my uncles and aunts, they all blessed us happy New Year and gave me red packets. I was too happy to count how many red packets I got.

  The following days, we visited my grandparents and some of relatives. We happily talk with them, and brought some presents to them, and also received some New Year presents.

  This was how did I spend my Spring Festival; I really enjoyed myself in Spring Festival.





  当我新的一年的第一天醒来时,我的爸爸和妈妈都给了一个红包,他们祝我在新的一年里万事如意. 我谢了他们,快乐地接收了红包. 我早就等着这一天,因为我能收到很多红包. 这是一年之中我最幸福的时候.

  吃了中餐,我们一家开始去逛公园,逛街,逛商店和超市. 在公园里我们拍了很多相片,在商店和超市里我们买了很多东西.我们遇到很多阿姨和叔叔,他们都祝我们新年快乐,并给了我红包.我都太高兴了,都数不清我得多少红包.




  The Spring Festival is the most bustling time at home, and the atmosphere is filled with festive atmosphere everywhere.

  The twelfth lunar month 30 in the afternoon, my father was busy couplets, my brother and I are busy helping dad wipe paste, we posted a big character in the central door, on both sides of the door with a festive couplets on the "snake", the second line is with good luck "," spring Ziyan Dance "Hengpi new year kyrgyzstan". We quickly put up the Spring Festival couplets, and I was very happy to look at the results of our work. Two big red lanterns hung on both sides of the gate, indicating that the days of the new year went over and over.

  On New Year's Eve, I put on my new clothes and watched my brother take a firecracker with my brother. A "crackling" sound from our ears through, like thousands of households to send blessings, we are very happy. At night, when we had dinner, I watched the Spring Festival Gala with my father, mother and sister. That wonderful performance made my mood open, there was a cross talk, there was a sketch and a song and dance... Very pretty.

  Lunar New Year's day I just woke up and found a gift money under the pillow, brother, we laugh, and we ate dumplings, went to grandma's home after worship, pay New Year's call, grandparents, give us the gift money, but also to eat out, we eat, we are very happy.

  I like the new year. It's good for the New Year!


  The annual Spring Festival is coming soon, everyone is busy with the Spring Festival couplets, each is a happy atmosphere, very happy. On the twenty-nine, I just got up, my mother called to my sister and couplets, we posted a big character in the central door, on both sides of the door posted couplets on the "Fu born Xi annual music" the second line is "rich suisui Tim Choi Huan" streamer is "Happy New Year" I soon the paste is good, I look at my work very happy.

  On New Year's Eve, we put on new clothes and set off firecrackers with our sister. A "crackling" sound from our ears through, like thousands of households to send blessings, we are very happy. On the eve of new year's Eve, we had dinner, and I watched the Spring Festival Gala with my mother and my sister. That wonderful performance made my mood open, there was a cross talk, there was a sketch and a song and dance... Very pretty. But I like Xiao Shenyang's egg Zhao Benshan and the old bio "no money" is so fun.

  Lunar New Year's day I just woke up and found a gift money pillow, sister, we laugh, and we ate dumplings, went to grandma's home after prayer, pay New Year's call, grandparents, give us the gift money, but also to eat out, we eat, I we are very happy.

  I like the new year. It's good for the new year.


  This year we have been in our own home for the Spring Festival. In the end, my grandmother with his own kind of vegetables, white radish and meat mixed with a variety of fillings, and then get the special Steamed Buns where processed into a major Steamed Buns, she also used the filling bag, Spring rolls for us to eat glutinous rice dumpling, wonton. This is the custom for us to spend the Spring Festival here.

  A new year's Eve we posted our first posted the door of the antithetical couplet, "peace on the antithetical couplet, couplet" moon Rimmon everywhere Fu "Chengxiang sky spring" Hengpi "Happy New Year", also posted a big blessing. Then we put the south balcony antithetical couplet couplet is full of joy, he is the spring festival couplet fukki "Fu Qing Ping", in the north balcony door we posted two "pinganshifu" paper-cut flowers. Put these antithetical couplet sustenance of our expectations for next year, I hope our family can peace, good luck in the new year.

  On the beginning of the year, one of our families went to grandma's home for a new year, and I said, "grandma, Grandpa, good new year!" Then my grandmother gave me a red bag with money in it. My mom told me that grandma in the custom there is not the same, they are there to the elders to kneel nibbling head pay New Year's call on the ground, and they where the elders give gift money without a red bag.

  We bought a lot of fireworks. At the time, my brother came to my house. We were very happy to put the fireworks together.

  We have done a lot of other things in the new year. We are really happy. I hope we can celebrate the new year.



  When the Spring Festival comes, the streets are full of lights and cheers. Red lanterns are hung on the trees and flags are planted in the square.


  In the early morning of the new year's day, our family will go to pay a new year's greetings to our relatives and friends. Grandpa and grandma came back home, and they gave me and my brother red envelopes.


  In the evening, our family make dumplings, eat dumplings and watch fireworks.