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  为春节做准备英语作文 篇1

  The Spring Festival with cheerful pace is approached step by step, my mother and I went back to their hometown.

  Their hometown and shenzhen, shenzhen is different, a Chinese New Year atmosphere all have no, are empty, and home, my aunts house full of bacon preserved fish and dry goods, and I most like to eat the rabbit!

  Aunt and mother in cleaning: first to every room with a vacuum cleaner to suck it again, with a feather duster dispatch some small corner of the spider web volume, use broom to sweep again, finally dragging it again. And mother and my aunt in the preparation of New Years day that day reception guests snacks, with fruit bowl filled with a plate of fruit, and make a plate with a plate of sweets.

  And my sister and I, the likelihood is ready to play that night New Year firecrackers. Uncle took my sister and I go to the wholesale market to buy firecrackers, wow! Wide variety of firecrackers, looks very fun! I picked a few seem fun, go home to help my aunt and mother "work".

  In one night before New Year, I "browse" I buy firecrackers, look to buy fun, I will buy firecrackers all put a, the rest of the time on New Years day,, wow! I was to buy fireworks? I was very surprised. Also looked at the firecrackers bag, originally I also bought some small fireworks.

  That evening after dinner, we began to sort out tomorrow at noon meal, first in the fridge, on the pot to fry in tomorrow.

  I didnt sleep that night, as long as in the evening 12 o clock firecrackers can ring, "snapped" at that time, I cant sleep, will be thinking about went downstairs to set off firecrackers.








  为春节做准备英语作文 篇2

  As a child, it always felt like a juggling act. Once took a dough and knead, and again with a rolling pin roll, middle put stuffing, hold hands in the middle of a pinch, a bulging belly "wing" is completed.

  The time of Spring Festival dumpling that ability call lively! The family gathered together, and the men and children were playing and gung in the living room. Women are holding their own. Until the evening, the filling and dough for the dumplings were prepared. When the dumplings were officially started, it was time for the lanterns to begin. The girls and their daughters-in-law were just as handy as they were. The fingers were flying, and the first pieces of the dumpling were lined up.

  It is time for the dumplings to be made, instead of the usual gas, they have turned on the phase-out stove. There was a pot of water in the cauldron, and the fire was burning under the hearth, and the bellows were whirring, and the dumplings were thrown out of the pot. At this time, the child cannot resist the curiosity, also want to come to help pull the bellows, add firewood. The dumplings were cooked and the childrens hands and faces were black.

  When the dumplings were actually on the table, it was more than eight o clock in the evening, and the Spring Festival gala began. Men are drinking in the hall, watching the Spring Festival gala. The women are in the kitchen another table, the quiet whisper of the home, a warmth. There is a custom in the countryside that women cant eat at the right table.

  Even after so many times during the Spring Festival, still cannot forget those hazy face after the vapors, forget dumplings entrance to the warmth of the moment, forget the harmonious atmosphere of the Spring Festival.






  为春节做准备英语作文 篇3

  Our house have three years did not go home, we can finally go back to our home for the holiday this year.We after 17 hours of journey, and finally reached the destination.A car to meet us is young aunt, sister and grandparents. Because we hurried on, when I get home already tired and hungry, so hurriedly washing and went to sleep.

  The second day early in the morning, we went to the three outside the government, in his house, there are many interesting animals, a dog, a fish. Of course the most interesting is the cock and the hen. The cock and the hen can be fun! When you eat, as long as give them some meters, they will rush to rob. The cock eat satisfied after, will be like a crow called a few times, and the hen eat satisfied after will go back to the nest eggs. At this time, I take a board to shake at the moment in the hen, hen was scared, so save the fly, my face was a bump on the wings of the hen. Bump hurt was painful. So I thought to myself: do I have to eat your next year.

  Time passed quickly, unconsciously we have all our relatives to the familys thanks to the New Year, will soon be gone. Im unwilling ah, but mom says we can come back next year. Listen to the words of my heart a lot better.Finally, I wish you all in the New Year, everything goes well, happy!




  为春节做准备英语作文 篇4

  Wait, hope, the Spring Festival finally comes!

  Early in the morning, I was awakened by the sound of firecrackers. I got up quickly, I saw the traffic on the outside, and the light was full of the atmosphere.In the afternoon, the whole family was busy. When I was idle, I ran to the kitchen and watched my mother make dumplings.

  How time flies! In a twinkling of an eye, it was evening, and we were all in joy. We watch the Spring Festival gala, eat delicious sugar, fruit and other things.We said, laughing and laughing, and soon it was midnight. The eye-catching fireworks are adding a lot of beauty to the dark sky. Look! Fireworks are like seven colorful flowers blooming in the air, like colorful parachutes.

  After a while, todays main character "jiaozi" is on the stage!After eating the dumplings, I will give my parents and grandparents the same year, so that I can easily get the red envelope.

  The bell rings at midnight, and I am sleeping...






  为春节做准备英语作文 篇5

  It’s about one and a half month away from the Chinese New Year, It is a festival celebrated by the Chinese people at the beginning of the lunar calendar year.

  As of the Chinese traditional customs, our parents and grandparents will sweep every corner of the house and clean the windows until they gleam, and washing clothes, buying foods and goods for the new year’s future use and presents.

  Children will be the most benefited group during this feast period. One month before that, they are expecting the new clothes, delicious foods. The firecrackers and the year’s allowance for their increased ages.

  In recent years, with the rising of the standard of life, Chinese tend to make various holiday plans to spend a different and meaningful new year. Such as traveling abroad, or be absorbed in their hobbies, and even work.

  Why today we try to spend our Chinese new year in such a different way? I think that’s because this is a era of free life and personality high-ranking. Though there are still something traditional, our young generation is attempting to make something new and suitable for ourselves. And we would like to take something really worth to be cherished in our memorable treasures. That’s amazing and wonderful!

  I’ll always keep in mind that the Chinese new year is a great feast inherited from our ancestors, but if necessary, I would like to enjoy it by some ways personal.

  为春节做准备英语作文 篇6

  Spring Festival is coming, and the streets gradually become crowded up.

  Walking the streets, the streets more and more people. Are sold lantern, the lamp painted a variety of characters, there is Chang, with Hou Yi, and so. On the street also has Mai Hua, and painted the same seems to be true.

  New Years scrolls are sold above some of the words "Inter-Chun Yun-weather new people every flourishing habitat Habitat stability." There are selling firecrackers everywhere hear the voice of firecrackers. There is also a short story it told.

  Has there been a big monster, the total came out every New Year, so people are afraid, so people will hold a New Year chopsticks knock basin, That the monsters sent packing. People want, we can not always knock pot it, if we do then how bad knock. Thus, people invented firecrackers. As long as a Chinese New Year, people setting off firecrackers, fireworks bring the voices of monsters sent packing, the monster also can not come back, people are not afraid. Gradually became the Chinese New Year firecrackers, customs and traditions. There on the street selling "fu" word. Chinese New Year, the "blessing" the word affixed upside down, people would say fu down, and also said that the familys good fortune arrived.

  Faster than the Spring Festival, and on the street, but Zhenre Nao ah!