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  Now what I want most is the Spring Festival.

  Early in the morning, I would like to wear comfortable new clothes to the elders, after the father go outside to say hello, and then some apples, candy, chocolate, pears... The things I harvested in the past Spring Festival are not enough for me to plug my teeth. So this Spring Festival, I want to take a lot of delicious, if cannot eat, store up, eat later.

  At noon, with father throw bamboo pole, a lot of people have doubt, this is the custom of which nationality, let me tell you! It's just the only thing in our family that has this custom. The rule is: see who throws far, cast the right, this should be two people make up a group play, ability play. One man threw a bamboo pole and the other took a large basket with a bamboo pole. This is to see the cooperation between two people, tacit understanding, ability wins, success. My dad and I are old teammates, so long as we are together, we won't win.

  In the afternoon, I and my sister, my sister to play together, two people forward, the rule is: a person's right foot tied with another person's left foot, and then rushed forward, I with my elder sister is old teammate, every time we play, will press 1, 21, 2 rhythm go up.

  In the evening, our family will set off fireworks together. My father lit a big firecracker, and the fireworks pulled a long, colorful tail to the sky and burst into a beautiful dance dress. We had a few small children with small fireworks around the front of the vacant lot, small fireworks like fairy godmother, showing the beautiful fairy. Our family gathers together, eats rich dinner, watches the wonderful program on TV, once eats the meal, goes to the village mouth a small shop to see the live performance...

  This is my expected Spring Festival, happy Spring Festival.


  During the past Chinese New Year, my family didn't go out to play or stay at home to welcome the guests, but this year, we eat hot pot, play CARDS, make tea and chat in our home. Why do we play CARDS? Because my mother thought I was not good at math addition and subtraction, I wanted to strengthen my arithmetic ability by playing CARDS.

  My mother and sister are very patient to teach me to play. At first, my sister always thought I was stupid, saying, "I can't play with such a simple red spot." But after the two of them, I learned in a short time, so she didn't dare to think I was stupid again.

  Learn later, mother, sister and I play together, we play of joy, but also the performance of the joys and sorrows, have to eat the CARDS being gone, will be sad or angry, but if eat to studying abroad can get a lot of net score card, is happy to jump around like a monkey, Shouting, don't look at 47 years old mother, crazy up like a child than I am.

  Playing CARDS made me realize the fun of it. My sister said that it would be more enlightening to teach me to play "big old two" next year. But my mother solemnly warned me that playing CARDS only adds to the enjoyment of life, not to gamble, or lose the purpose she taught me.

  I didn't go out to play this Spring Festival, but I was very happy! I hope every New Year can be like this year - happy family reunion and doing things I like, like playing CARDS, regardless of win or lose, as long as happy to be satisfied.


  Spring Festival is happy, the Spring Festival is full of hope, I and my mother have a different Spring Festival, we went on a trip.

  Maiden flight

  I'm flying. This is my first time to fly. I get excited at the thought of it. At the airport, my mother tells me to change my boarding pass, I'm a little afraid, but mother encouraged me, finally I plucked up the courage to do these things, with a certificate in the boarding pass, after a passenger boarding smoothly. My mother gave me a thumbs-up. I was very happy in my heart. How big the plane is! It used to be so small on the ground. It was so big. After the stewardess explained, I fastened my seat belt and the plane was ready to take off! When the plane flew to a certain height, my heart all of a sudden to float up, and suddenly fell down, frighten I gripped her mother's hand, ear seems to have some pain, I try to swallow saliva, the result is good. The plane was weaving through clouds like cotton wool. My happiness is like wings, flying.


  There are 56 ethnic groups in our country. I have heard of them before, but this time I have experienced 26 ethnic minorities, who live in ethnic villages. Dressed in colorful costumes, singing beautiful songs and dancing happily. The li people are enthusiastic and forthright, like bamboo dance. Squatting on each side of the four, holding the bamboo pole with both hands. The dancer has a rhythmic step, doing all sorts of beautiful movements without being caught. I joined the dancers. Oh, it hurts. I got caught. Oh, I jumped. I finally found the rhythm. Would jump. I'm so happy.

  Have you ever heard of the dulong? There is a special custom among the dulong people, which is to hold a rite of passage at the age of 13. The pattern on the whole face, it's cruel. I saw a grandmother who was tattooed in close range, so horrible, so scared!

  I saw the industrious and competent naxi women in the national village -- killing pigs, slaughtering sheep, striking iron, and planting land. There is a popular saying, "marry a narcissus, and take ten mules."

  I had a good time during the Spring Festival. I visited the dreamlike blue moon valley, and the blue water was crystal clear. Sightseeing of yulong snow mountain, visiting lijiang old city, experiencing their living habits, the feeling is really wonderful.

  This is really an unforgettable Spring Festival, a different Spring Festival.


  During the Spring Festival, we go to grandmother's house to play, the grandmother lives in the country, many people are farming, like my grandpa and grandma have a peanut, fruit, vegetables, Onions, bananas, carrots... Wait, in summer, there is sweet watermelon to eat!

  One time, I, mother, father, aunt, aunt and grandmother go to pick carrots and green vegetables, brother also fell down, and the results they are covered soil, when I want to go back, find a four leaf clover by the side of the road, I'm so glad, because that is the first time I saw four leaf clover, I hurry up to now, everyone said I was very lucky.

  In the evening, take us to my aunt buy lanterns, aunt of the car and can watch DVDS, to the destination, I bought a pegasus lantern, sister bought a penguin lanterns, aunt said to also see lanterns together next time.

  The Spring Festival holiday is over, I should have a good review, because during the New Year, I just play, forgot to write the winter vacation homework, the result is not finished now.


  I spend every Spring Festival in fujian. Why? This is because I was born in fujian, and there are my grandparents, grandmas and brothers, and the Spring Festival is a time for family reunion, so both my parents and I are building a lake to celebrate the New Year.

  It is very lively at the end of the year, and fujian is the home of the famous fireworks, so the sky is just black, and the sound of fireworks is ringing in my ears. At this time, grandma and mother are happy to have a big dinner on the table, the family around the big round table with a joke to eat. After the meal is the most happy moment of our children, I always can't wait to let my father took me fireworks, hiding behind my dad I'm watching the fireworks "xiu" to fly into the sky from the ground, then "pa" to blossom into a colorful window down, I will jump out to yell: "ah! Too beautiful!"

  Over thirty arrived on the first day, dad told me that this is the first day of the New Year began, dressed in new clothes in the street pedestrian is permeated with a happy smile on her face, relatives and friends are channeling door to elders happy New Year. What makes me most happy is that I give my grandparents a big red envelope, which is filled with a lot of lucky money. My grandpa also wishes me to study hard in the New Year and make progress every day!

  This is the Spring Festival in our hometown. I love the Spring Festival in my hometown!

  On New Year's eve, when the whole family had a big dinner, they got the lucky money from their father, mother and grandma, and the family began to watch.

  After midnight, my parents and I stepped on our bicycles, rode through the streets and through the alleys, and finally came to the temple. The deafening sound of firecrackers echoed through the clouds, and the grand opening of the temple fair was about to begin.

  After midnight, it is the first day of the New Year. There are long lines of believers, men and women, young and old, all ready to grab the scent and hear that it can bring good luck for the whole year.

  We parked our bikes, and though we weren't ready to grab our heads, we were among the crowd watching the Russian acrobatic show. Then he ate the sweet dumplings provided by the temple, and said, "sweet dumplings are the symbol of sweet and happy family." I ate two bowls at a stretch, and I also participated in the celebration of the opening of the temple. Finally, patiently stand in line to receive the transfer money that will bring good luck.

  It was a special New Year's eve, and the temple's activities were so lively that it was almost like a night city. It really opened my eyes. Next year, I would like to invite my parents to join us, not only to eat sweet dumplings, to lead the transfer of money, but also to feel the happy atmosphere of the New Year.


  A Spring Festival, undoubtedly, is the sound, taste, the country.

  The sound of firecrackers is a year apart. Melody in the New Year, fireworks is low and grand drums, heavy yet explosive, accompanied by a large umbrella of scattering flowers, jinlong fall and arc of the rainbow, here every corner of the flower, a pair of, a group of cheng fang, a piece, a world, in a sudden the incomparable luster. And on the square table, and celebrate the applause, light spirit is ringing, can not help but think of "harps friend" -- it is natural to performance, the smile of gentle feeling let everyone around without his joy. Then a sound clear gong, it is in the middle of the night the cheer of the New Year, is not so short but lingering sound waves, times, stretches, like a stream, seeped into next year. Finally, there is a set of bells, it is so mysterious, as if it is the passage of time, is the roar of the beast at the end of the sea.

  Through every doorway, there is a gust of incense. Like bacon that hard sweet, like the mutton soup hot sweet, like the natural aroma of coarse grains like steamed bread fresh incense, sweet like a sausage chewy, like dumplings a pack of sweet juice, like nuts, crisp sweet, like good old 994 stuffed sweet ChunChun... The smell is like themselves. A wisp of incense, a hint of taste, a dish, a table of people, a handful of happiness. I like dumplings best, fat and fat, lying quietly in the soup. Its perfect appearance, the sweet and thick sesame filling, like a heart.

  JianJu the most popular cartoon "bears in the New Year's day" in a situation: even if a lumberjack, also know that mother's dumplings, dad's wine, are looking forward to the calendar page, end the arrival of the New Year's eve. Whether it's the cold fog, the shaking winter bamboo shoots, the speeding train, the bright lights... Township, only one, let the wanton fly tirelessly.

  But you have such a scene: in the mobile phone clicking, hands of quick-frozen dumplings immodesty slide to the ground, fell to pieces, like a boom ray reminds you, want to travel to Hong Kong this year Spring Festival. How about this? Taste? Township?


  The annual New Year again, really happy, because you can eat dinner with the family also can get lucky money, usually at home can't to have dinner with your grandparents, now finally can eat together, I feel I am the happiest person in the world.

  During the festival, my father took us return home to play, in the morning we set out, I feel the home warm sun, sun, I put the clothes take off one by one, the hotel I headed to the beach, lying in a hammock coconut trees, everyone wants to play, then we put on a swimsuit, headed for the swimming pool to play water, we in the swimming pool, a water fight, play really happy, in the evening, we are in a lot of sumptuous buffet, for dinner, so have a good day. Then we went to the old street, and saw the temple of Confucius and the castle of pingan. The buildings looked quaint and interesting.

  On the last day, we went to my grandma's New Year, grandpa and grandma eat together, after dinner, my grandmother sent us a red envelope, we are happy with my grandmother said: "thank you grandma grandma listened to very happy, we are happy."