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  A hat frightening? If you see it as a snake to swallow the elephant? In this full of utilitarian world, the big people's eyes Forever only the number of children has long been the world, they have overlooked. It has already lost a child-like purity gone? In order to find the answer to that question, I won the "Little Prince."

  "Little Prince" is a clear spiritual books, is an adult fairy tale written for adults, is a book about life and the lives of the fable. As the book said, the water on the heart is beneficial. And "Little Prince" on the water like a thorough clarification of people feel warmth and tranquility.


  The story of the little prince of life with a serious attitude, he diligently to clear the crater, pulling the monkey bread tree seedlings. However, The Little Prince is a lonely, depressed mood in his time, he would mention a stool chasing the sun to see the sunset. Only enjoy the sunset when the twilight Feelings tenderness that is his only pleasure. He had read 43 times a day sunset, because his heart is full of endless loneliness and sorrow. Fortunately a Rose entered his life, Rose has a quiet tenderness, she will lie was exposed repeatedly cough, she is a beautiful and very proud of flowers. She恋着sad little prince, little prince also sincerely love roses. A trivial matter, however they eventually made to separate the sensitive Little Prince as an angry Rose of Love from doubt, he got out of their own stars, leaving behind Rose and started their own travel alone.

  And then he came to Earth, he encountered a small fox, and the request of a small fox domestication her. She believes that if the Little Prince domesticate her, her life will be happy. Little Prince, together with a small fox days, the little prince to understand the unique Rose, and he began to think that Rose tamed him, he must assume responsibility for the roses. Little Prince, where the foxes learned to love, aware of what he wants to pursue things, he is going to leave a small fox to assume his responsibility. Little Prince finally found themselves unable to go back, he places on Earth hovering repeatedly and deeply miss his flowers. Can not go back in the days to come, The Little Prince will be looking at their own stars, he said: "If you fell in love with a grown up in a star on the flowers, then at night, do you feel looking at a pleasant sweetness. All the stars both seem to blooming. "distressed fragile little prince could not bear to miss the pain that he would eagerly go back, and finally he chose to snake venom end their lives, even though he was afraid of the pain, but he think it will be able to cast off their bulky body to go back.

  Every time, "Little Prince", have been such a child-like attitude about the world moving, how naive, childish, could also how pure and sincere. In real life, we are busy throughout the day, such as groups of flies without a soul. The passage of time, childhood away, we have gradually grown up and taken away many years of memories, but also eroded the bottom of my heart to have, That childish innocence.

  Because the little prince little story, we live in quiet, the heart has a hope and tenderness, have touched on the responsibility of domestication

  中文翻译: 一顶帽子可怕吗?如果把它看成是一条吞了大象的蟒蛇呢?在这个充满着功利的世界里,大人们的眼中永远只有数字,孩子们的世界早已被他们忽略.那早已丢失的孩童般的纯净去了哪里?为了找寻问题的答案,我捧起了《小王子》.



  而然后他来到地球,他碰到了小狐狸,并且在小狐狸的要求下驯养了她.她认为,如果小王子驯养了她,她的生活一定会是欢快的.小王子在与小狐狸一起的日子,小王子懂得了玫瑰的独一无二,并且他开始认为玫瑰驯服了他,他必须对玫瑰承担起责任.小王子在狐狸那里学会了爱,认识到了他所要追求的东西,他要离开小狐狸去承担他的责任. 小王子最后发现自己无法回去,他在降临地球的地方反复徘徊,并且深深想念着他的花儿.在不能回去的日子里,小王子会望着自己的星星,他说:“如果你爱上了一朵生长在一颗星星上的花,那么夜间,你看着就感到甜蜜愉快.所有的星星上都好象开着花.”忧伤脆弱的小王子无法忍受想念的痛苦,他要急切地回去,最后他选择了以蛇的毒液结束自己的生命,尽管他害怕痛苦,但是他认为这样就能抛下自己笨重的身体回去.