My Travel

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My Travel


   y  Trvael  

  五年级二班  李慧欣  

   n  th s  hol day, ent to Be j ng.Be j ng s n the north of h na. ent to there th my mother and father. e go there at e ght o’clock n the mor ng . e by tra n. nd e at there at one o’clock n the afternoon.  

   t t o o’clock, e v s ted the Great all, t as very beaut ful, t’s long and nd. nd e v s ted the Summer Palace, th nk t beaut ful. hat do you th nk?  

   e ent to a restaurant. e all ate r ce and f sh. e after the lunch at three o’clock.    

   e ent home at f ve o’clock. e had a lovely t me there! love Be j ng very  much!   



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