A Letter of Sympathy初二英语作文

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  A Letter of Sympathy

  ——to the Parents of the Columbia Astronauts

  Dear parents of the Columbia astronauts.

  I am a student from X X Middle School in China. My name is Li Ming. I was very sorrowful when I learned from TV that SpShuttle Columbia broke up during re-entry and seven astronauts all lost their lives. You have lost your lovely sons arid daughters. You must be very grieved. However, you must also be proud of your children, because they have done great contributions to space projects. So please restrain your sorrow.

  Although this time they thiled, we could I get some experience from their failure. We will continue developing space projects, because we can explore the space through those projects and search for more information about sion that they haven't done.

  Yours Sincerely’

  Li Ming

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