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  Today is May Day, I have an appointment with my classmates to sell newspapers.

  In the morning, we came to the gathering place to get the newspaper, and then began to sell the newspaper. We went to the park to sell newspapers in twos and threes. Suddenly, I saw an uncle, so I ran over and said, "hello, uncle! Buy a love report, learn lei feng's love, one yuan." But my uncle ignored me, and I felt a little uncomfortable. Then I started looking for the next one. I saw an aunt again, I immediately ran up to say: "aunt hello! Sell a love newspaper, learn lei feng love, one yuan." So the aunt bought me a love newspaper, gave me a dollar. At this time, I was extremely happy. Sweeter than honey. Then two, three, four, and five were all sold out. I excitedly ran to the newspaper and said, "I have sold five copies." "You are wonderful," said the aunt, giving her thumbs up. I secretly enjoyed myself.

  I took ten more big rivers and continued my selling. I came to the trade center to sell newspapers, there are so many people here! At this time, I and one of my classmates saw an uncle, together with my classmates, I said: "hello, uncle! Buy a big river newspaper, one dollar." As a result, the kind-hearted uncle bought each of our newspapers, and we laughed happily. We went on walking again, seeing a blind man, and we saw that he was miserable, and gave him one dollar. The blind man smiled happily.

  It was an unforgettable day! Because let me understand that making money is not easy, labor is the most glorious!


  During the May Day holiday this year, I went to zhengzhou to participate in the "dancing zhongyuan" Latin dance competition in henan province.

  On this day, I and other participants took a bus to zhengzhou. Along the way, we laughed and laughed, and I didn't know how long it took to get to zhengzhou stadium. Under the guidance of our teacher, we changed our clothes and waited. When you hear the loud noise from the loudspeaker and shout to hear the spring. I hastened to enter the arena with my partner. Because it was the first time I participated in such a competition, I could not use words to describe my nervous mood. When I came on the stage, I saw the judge's affable face and my heart beat back to normal. This time I'm doing really well. The first dance is the exact one. With the beautiful and beautiful music, I seemed to be intoxicated with it. I jumped with ecstasy. Music stopped my movements and stopped. The second one, I danced with the music, and I did my best. It ended with a music and I thanked the judges and walked off the stage.

  After lunch we went back to the gym. When I heard the second prize, I jumped three feet high, which meant that my usual efforts were not in vain. People often say, one minute on stage, ten years of work. It is true that there is no such thing as failure to practice diligently.

  This year's May Day, he is not an ordinary May Day, he is the result that I pay sweat to come, this day I will never forget.


  Thursday is the May Day, I happily and sister go home by train - ChangLe, just on the train, my sister has got all the way, why I asked my sister stood off the train, my elder sister said there is a ticket a sro tickets, tickets, do you got me is sro tickets, so I stand all the way.

  Back in my hometown, I couldn't wait to rush into the house. My grandma and grandpa bought a box of soda for me and I was very happy. The dog in my hometown, wangwang, ran up to me and stuck out my tongue as if to ask for something. I asked my grandma if there was meat in the house. Grandma said there are some, but not much, I take a big to want want to eat, it ate can nip, shaking his tail, I touched it back, and found it fall off a lot of hair, I don't have to heart. To night my grandma gave me a big table of delicious: chicken wings, chicken legs, braise in soy sauce pork, eggplant, celery and rice, meat, sugar, fire fire, etc., I found there's an ant on the sugar fire, I thought have insects in the fire, I will throw it into a garbage can. Grandma asked me why I threw it away. I said, the insects in the baked wheat cake, my grandma picked it up and crush it and found a bug also have no, he said: "this surface is an ant on the fire, don't be fooled by the phenomenon of surface". I learned from my grandmother's teachings that any truth cannot be seen only on the surface, but in the inner and the whole.

  The next day, I found a lot of pimple on arm, and I think that is a mosquito bite, grandma said haven't the mosquito, but the dog has a lot of fleas, grandma looked at my arm, and suddenly a flea bite, I immediately panicked and grandma let me think about doing things yesterday? Except touched the dog, I said I know that the dog flea jump to me, my grandma to change a set of clothes for me, and let my grandfather use insecticide spraying to spray the spray on my clothes, my heart just slow down.

  This is really an unforgettable May Day!


  On May Day holiday, my parents took me to the people's park.

  The park is full of people, and it is already crowded with people, bustling with the noise of small business vendors.

  The door was a rockery, and I climbed up into the mountain with gusto. I went into the cave and made all kinds of movements for my mother to take a picture of me. After going down, we wandered around to see what was interesting. I saw a car in the air, here are a few pillars supporting the route, interesting, and without hesitation on the car with my father, my mother is responsible for the below photos to us, my father and I on the pedal in the air to see the whole park, have a water fight, fly and play bumper car, and the strong impact of I can't play the aerial cable car... Then we went to the haunted house, and I said to my father happily, "daddy, let's go to the haunted house," and dad agreed. The appearance of a haunted house is like a tiger with teeth to eat us. The people who came out of the haunted house were frightened, and a little boy of eight or eight was frightened to tears. My mother was afraid not to go in, I was a little afraid, but curiosity overcame the fear. It was very dark, the light was very dark, we had just gone a little, a big hand suddenly shot to us, and with the phantom cry, scared me a big jump. Then there are zombies, hanging ghosts, skeletons, etc., which are exciting and funny, and there is a real person who scares us. I think this is the most terrible thing. Here, I exercised my courage and felt happy.

  It was an unforgettable vacation.


  This year's May Day, I learned a lot of knowledge. My parents took me to many places. There is the Yellow River. Luoyang wangcheng park... My favorite is the Yellow River xiaolangdi.

  The Yellow River xiaolangdi scenic spot is located at the exit of the last valley of the Yellow River. The traffic is very convenient. Water. Lin. The grass is characteristic of large ecological garden. Wei e's dam, 275 meters high, is 1,667 meters long. It is not only a monument in the history of Chinese yellow, but also the most challenging masterpiece in the history of the world. Total investment is 42 billion yuan. The whole project set three world records. Six Chinese records. Wei - e's water tower, spectacular outlet and so on. To make the xiaolangdi flood control. Ice. To generate electricity. Sand removal and other functions.

  On the lower side of the dam are three big words, "xiaolangdi". The south bank huanglushan is the highest point of the scenic spot, from which you can see the panoramic view of the dam and feel the beautiful scenery of nature. The central pier is anchored by a number of cruise ships for tourists. View the beauty of the lake. The mountains rise and fall, the trees are green. Stand on the dam and be in a good mood. The landscape in the distance is like a beautiful painting. Like many visitors, I couldn't help taking out my camera. Click on this wonderland of beauty.

  Listen to the tour guide say, wait for mid-june, will carry on the water diversion, sandstorm: the above layer is pure white water, below is like the yellow sand grain like brown paper. My parents and I agreed that we would return. It must have been spectacular. The sediment is washed to the sea, reducing disaster downstream. Clear water to downstream cities for water and irrigation. Produce society. Ecological and economic benefits.

  What a great project! I think: I must work hard to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, and make more and more contributions to our great motherland in the future.


  Today is the last day of the "May Day" holiday, meet some of my good friends and I went to nanshan barbecue, have Cai Yue, dong smile however, have all have their mom and dad, how's the weather today is really good, at 9 o 'clock when we come to the father set counter, a kung fu has a lot of people, we have a few children to play, parents in the side is busy barbecue, ha ha, saw them several times get tinfoil caught fire, there are a lot of delicious: a roast chicken wing, roasted sausage, grilled fish, beverage - so many!

  Dong smiles but dad took us a few children go to the wheat straw, we get the grass of the piles of, also saw a sell Popsicle grandpa shook the bell sell Popsicle, we eat like cat. Finished eating barbecue, we went to pick strawberries, this is the second time I walked into the room to pick strawberries, the temperature is very high, inside each of us take a small bowl, to find a big strawberry, strawberry red, looking at is really beautiful, a taste, taste sweet, with a little acid in the really interesting! We had a great time today!


  This May Day, the three-day holiday is too fast. I'm busy! The homework was written at night. Because I participated in the 9th "jian jian" cup provincial youth badminton competition in the exhibition center, this time I reported to the group, the individual and the two dozen three projects. Although I started a little nervous, but I soon adjust the mentality, through the efforts of the two and a half days I secure a third round of three projects, ended up in the top eight, the in the mind to mention how happy.

  Although the May Day has been very busy, did not go out to play, but I feel very substantial! Through this competition, I understand that no pains, no gains, only the usual hard sweat to achieve the joy of success! I will continue to work hard and come forward to win the championship in August.


  Today is May Day, I go to the lake mountain with my father and mother. I was in a particularly good mood all the way. I thought to myself, "I can finally go out and play in the mountains today. ' '

  Before I knew it, I was at the foot of the lake, and there were many tourists who came here like us, even foreigners.

  Here green mountain green water, cloud mist wreathed, as if to the world, beautiful.

  Halfway down the road, I saw a piece of green stone in a pile of rocks on the side of the road. It was beautiful, and then my mother picked it up, and we picked up several pieces. At this time, an uncle pulled a car full of waste rock, from here, see we are picking up stones, we gave us a white elephant like snow mountain stone. I'm so happy.

  It was so good this time, seeing both the beautiful scenery and the beautiful stone. It's killing two birds with one stone.

  Today's May Day is really happy!


  Today is a beautiful weekend, the noon time arrived, I asked my mother to teach me to cook, I thought mother would not promise. Who knew, mother unexpectedly happily agreed.

  I began to cook "big action", I used to watch my mother cook, I thought I could make a delicious meal smoothly, this really looks easy to do difficult! I decided to make a cool carrot. Cooking action began, I will first carrots into the water washing, take out and put the carrot on the board (sideways), and then take knife to cut the carrot into piece first, then cut into a little bit. Then cut the green pepper into the plate, pour the oil, add the seasoning, then use the same method to adjust the cucumber dish, so that the dish is ready.

  It was time for dinner, and everyone enjoyed it, and I was very glad to see it, and I felt very sweet, as if I had eaten honey. Through this matter today, I deeply understand the meaning of "labor glory".

  I am about to enter junior high school also means that I have grown up, so I will often help adults to do some things to alleviate the burden of parents, to be a good child.


  We are happy to welcome the five long vacation, in this small holiday, my schedule is full of activities, every day.

  May 1: I went to guanqian street with my mother, what are you doing in the front street? Is, of course, pick up from the mother's colleagues, aunt South Korea South Korea snacks, although I also went to South Korea, but there is no play completely, Korea snacks to eat, so into the aunt help me to take this opportunity to get from South Korea bring something to eat, I'm really very grateful to the aunt!

  May 2: on the evening of May 1, our family returned to the west hill. My brother and I played very happy, and he was very happy to play. I also saw the baby sister, who was just over five months old, so cute! Face powder tender, can't help to touch a hand, unfortunately only played a day to go back to suzhou, because still have homework.

  On May 3: review your lessons at home, and my sister together to write papers, two people together to write a lot of homework, usually someone who didn't write so much homework, but my sister came, sometimes also want to "show off" yourself, so he wrote many papers.

  During this long holiday, I had to live every day as if it was time.