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梦想的英语作文 篇1

  I have a dream : I want to be a lawyer .The reason I want to be a lawyer r is I think this profession is very important and meaningful. If I am a lawyer, I will can contribute to maintaining the fairness and justice of society in the form of law: On one hand, I can take advantage of my expertise help mediate people's conflicts and disputes, so that they can live in harmony. On the other hand, can defend Legitimate rights and interests I for innocent, avoiding them suffering injury. In addition, I can often contact with somebody who need legal aid,try my best to Teaching them some basic legal knowledge, therefore they can obey the law and apply the law. However,the legal knowledge that I have learned now is not enough,so in order to getting my dream come true in the future , I should word hard from now on.

梦想的英语作文 篇2

  Dream, is an interesting word. It means the things somebody wants to do. Also, I have some dreams. Some are easy, and some are difficult.

  When I was eight years old, I have some dreams. Such as to be a Super Man, or fly in the sky. Now, I think they are silly. But I think it was cool and may be come true before. Now, my dream is to be better or be successful. From this, I think the dreams will be more constructive as the time go.

  Now, my dreams are difficult, but I will do it as well as I can.

梦想的英语作文 篇3

  Everyone has their own dreams, and some want to be scientists, some want to be a soldier, and some want to be teachers ......, but my dream is to become a good doctor.I was sick as a child, my mother took me to the hospital, the doctor gave me is a beautiful aunt, she carefully asked my condition, seriously gave me a prescription, that warm smile, kind words to me now often remembered.

  Doctors relieve pain for patients, they concentrate on the operating table, meticulous, a station for hours, or even ten hours, when the patient was dying, they waited at the bedside day and night, for patients and their loved ones with to hope.I also want to be a doctor to save lives, and I know to achieve this dream, I have to pay a lot of effort; the number of people in order to realize their dreams, all the hard work and sweat to pay. Fu Lijuan parachute in order to achieve her dream, a few years like a day of hard training.

  A mother to brain-dead son, spare to read music, and then taught his son to play the piano, her dream is to let his son get better at her patiently taught his son a better day. In order to realize my dream, from now on, I want to learn, overcome all difficulties, and I want other people to play the game time on their study, the knowledge should now be firmly remember, in order to achieve the dream fight basis. On the road leading to the dream, to believe that there is a harvest to pay an effort, as long as I work hard, I will be able to realize the dream.If my dreams really realized, I got his wish became a doctor, I have to relieve pain for patients due diligence in order to save lives as the goal of my efforts and dedication to treat each patient, treat them as their loved ones the same treatment,This is my long "Doctor Dreams", it encouraged me to study hard, is my motivation.每个人都有自己的梦想,有的想当科学家、有的想当军人、有的想当老师……,而我的梦想是当一名优秀的医生。小时候我生病了,妈妈带我去医院看病,给我看病的是一位漂亮的阿姨,她细心询问了我的病情,认真的给我开了药方,那温暖的笑容、亲切的话语让我到现在还时常想起。



梦想的英语作文 篇4

  Everyone has a dream. Everyone's dream is different. Perhaps we are keen to fly, their ability to be able to rely on an out of the sky. Perhaps we are keen to dance in this short life left in fond memories.Our life only once, we should cherish it. Machine was no longer in your life do you want to do. Although we are still students, are studying, but we should be ahead of our future planning to do. You asked his high school What to do after graduation? Do you have to ask ourselves, What is the dream? Do you know what to do and learn? From that moment on, you ask yourself well. Since then, you may struggle with the goal, maybe you have from this program, maybe you should know how to cherish life. In that case, you will not waste his life !



梦想的英语作文 篇5

  I have a wonderful dream in my heart。 It's to speak English very well。 Since English is everything for me。 English is my best friend。 English is my soul。 English is my power。 Without English, I'm nothing at all。 Nothing。 Now, I can think in English, speak in English, and write in English。 Some people think I'm an Indian。 Some people regard I'm a Pakistan。 And some people even consider that I'm an Egyptian。 But if I could speak English as good as an American, my future would be brilliant。 So I work very hard。

梦想的英语作文 篇6

  Jack is a seven years old boy, he has a dream to be a president in the future. When he saw Obama giving a speech, he is inspired and makes up his mind to realize his dream. When his parents hear his thought, they support him. No matter what kind of kind Jack will work on whe he grows up, his families love him all the time.


梦想的英语作文 篇7

  Everyone has their own dreams, I am the same.

  But my dream is not a lawyer, not a doctor, not actors, not even an industry. Perhaps my dream big people will find it ridiculous, but this has been my pursuit! My dream is to want to have a folk life! I want it to become a beautiful painting, it is not only sharp colors, but also the colors are bleak, I do not rule out the painting is part of the black, but I will treasure these bleak colors! Not yet, how about, a colorful painting, if not bleak, add color, how can it more prominent American? Life is like painting, painting the bright red color represents life beautiful happy moments. Painting a bleak color represents life difficult, unpleasant time.

  You may find a flat with a beautiful road is not very good yet, but I do not think it will. If a person lives flat then what is the point? Life is only a short few decades, I want it to go Finally, Each memory is a solid.




梦想的英语作文 篇8

  Since I was a little child, I had a dream that I wanted to be a doctor. When I was little, I watched many TV series and movies about doctors. I thought they were so great. Therefore, I made up my mind to be a doctor. In my opinion, doctor is the people who can help patience get out of sickness and pain.I want to be the person who can help others. However, being a doctor needs so much professional knowledge and there is a long way to go. So I have to try my best on my study and go to a good college.



梦想的英语作文 篇9

  I had a reporter's dream long ago. When I was a child, whenever I saw all kinds of sudden news on TV, I was always curious and said to my mother: "those uncles and aunts must be Superman, because they always know what is going on in the world."." Mother smiled and said, "silly children, they are not superheroes. They are journalists.". Their job is to tell people what's going on in the world for the first time."

  What made me more interested in being a reporter was one thing that happened last summer. Last summer, my mother and I returned home as usual day holiday, my mother and I went to Gulangyu Islet to play, a sister stopped, the little sister generous out a press card, said to me: "I am a little reporter of Xiamen evening news, you want to ask some questions?" I look at the shy mother, encourage the mother said: "you always want to be a reporter? Then you can see how the reporter interviewed." I hesitated and said, "OK, ask what questions," I wouldn't say." The little sister opened a recording pen, handed the microphone and began to interview.

  Little reporter: what time did you come to Xiamen?

  Me: we often come here. My mother's hometown is here.

  Small reporter: when you first came, did the Xiangan tunnel have been built?

  Me: no..

  Small reporter: at that time you go to Xiangan convenient?

  Mother: how can it convenient, a few kilometers straight road to walk around a Daoshanduo tens of kilometers.

  Small reporter: if the tunnel is not completed, you want to go to Xiangan to play, you will go?

  I need that crosses certainly not over.

  Small reporter: then you often come, after the tunnel opened, you can say that the traffic here is much more convenient, right?

  Mom: Yes, right!

  Reporter: do you think the Deng Island beauty?

  Me: it's beautiful.

  Small reporter: this time you will go there to play?

  Me: casual. Anyway, mom's driving through the tunnel. Just go around and play.

  Small reporter: that means it's attractive there, Rowe?

  Me: right!

  The interview was over and I was immersed in it. I'm envious of being interviewed as a reporter.

  I dream of becoming a little journalist, and I want to pass on the big things and the world in my eyes to everyone, so that I can share them with you.