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  篇一 : 新年决定

  The new year is coming, so I have some resolution in the new year. First, in the new year, study hard. Then, eat more vegetables to keep healthy. Then, do more exercise. If I had more time, I will try to learn a new language. Finally, I should be happy every day.This is my new year's resolution, I believe I can do it!



  篇二 : 新年决定

  new year resolution

  hoping to excite student interest in our reading center, i asked each teacher to write a new year's resolution on a special form and send it to me. after i posted the resolutions on the bulletin board in the reading center, one young teacher stopped by, looked at them for a few minutes, then left abruptly. passing two teachers on their way in, she stormed, "my resolution isn't posted - and mine was one of the first ones in!" i couldn't help but overhear, and the tone of her voice sent me flying to my desk in rearch of a misplaced resolution. looking rapidly through stacks of papers, i uncovered hers. it read, "i resolve not to let little things upset me. "




  篇三 : 新年决定

  As the saying goes,”A year's plan starts with spring, an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening” .so I make up my mine to make a plan for this whole year.First of all, I have to try my best to learn maths well.It means I have to pass all the maths exam, which is difficult for me.however, in order to take a good place in the senior high school entrance examination, I have to make my plan and achieve it.And then I have to keep the level of my Chinese where it is now.I hope I get go to an excellent high school in September.After the senior high school entrance examination, I will go out for a travel to open my mind and relax.I will try my best to do everything well.




  篇四 :新年决定

  been in lots of diners, and they've always seemed to be warm, busy, friendly, happy places. That's why, on a recent Monday night, I stopped in a diner for a cup of coffee. I was returning home after an all day car trip and needed something to help me make the last forty-five miles. A diner at midnight,however,was not the place I had expected. It was diffhrent, and lonely. My Toyota pulled to a halt in front of the dreary gray aluminum building that looked like an old railroad car. A half-lit neon sign sputtered the message, "Fresh baked goods daily," on the surface of the rain-slick parking lot. Only a half dozen cars and a battered pickup were scattered around the lot. An empty paper coffee cup made a hollow scraping sound as it rolled in small circles on one cement step close to the diner entrance. I pulled hard at the balky glass door, and it hanged shut behind me. The diner was quiet when I entered. As there was no hostess on duty, only the faint odor of stale grease and the dull hum of an empty refrigerated pastry case greeted me. I looked around for a place to sit. The outside walls were lined with empty booths which squatted back to back in their orange vinyl upholstery. On each speckled beige-and-gold table were the usual accessories. The kitchen hid mysteriously behind two swinging metal doors with round windows. I glanced through these windows but could see only a part to the large, apparently deserted cooking area. Facing the kitchen doors was the counter. I approached the length of Formica and slid onto one of the cracked vinyl in soldier like straight lines in front of it.