a Blessing or a Curse初二英语作文

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  Nowadays television plays such an important role in pepople's life that watching TV has become part of people's life in many families. Is TV a blessing or a curse? Obviously, television, like anything else, has more than one face.

  As is known to us, television presents a vivid and colorful world for people. Through TV, people can learn what is happening across the world and are better informed of the latest development in science and technology. TV broadens people's scope of knowledge. In this sense,TV is a blessing. However, television can also be harmful. The rays sent out from TV screen are harmful to people. Furthermore, attacted by their favourite programmes, many people tend to watch TV too often or for a long time. And as aresult, their studies, and work may be neglected. Especially, ifchildren stay up too late at night watching TV, they will feel sleepy in class the next day, and thus they will fall behind in their studies.

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