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我的朋友英语作文 篇1

  Today I want to tell you something about my classmate. He is a boy of 17 years old.

  He is tall and strong. He likes reading books very much. He likes sports, such as skating and playing basketball.

  Sometimes when he if free, he enjoys listening to music. He is kind.

  I am not good at math and he often helps me with my math. I want to say :"Thank you so much .

  " I am quite happy that I have such a good friend.

我的朋友英语作文 篇2

  Animals are human good friends, and I often play with them. I also have a lot of animal friends, among them and I want the best is a little lovely rabbit, it and I have the deepest friendship. The little darling had just been brought home with the size of the palm of his hand, soft and like a little snow ball. See you have a company in the side good friend, I'm happy to jump three feet high, with hand stroked the little lovely head, while the small lovely seems particularly enjoy this kind of massage, squinting slightly, revealing the rabbit smile to please people. Since then, I have been a close friend.

  The little cuteness is really the highest treatment in our family, almost everyone likes her, and everyone passes her nest with her hands to touch her soft and comfortable curly hair. Small lovely came to our house on the first day, I personally do cooking for it rabbit type nutrition western-style food, carrot salad, do a dish can cost me a lot of kung fu, I carefully put dishes in the dinner plate, side to the small lovely. I use napkin pad at the small cute do a, it looks really like a real British gentleman, ate, small lovely belly seems hungry quickly, meet the carrot salad, it immediately began to gobble big eat, in a short time a plate of salad was all gone. Small lovely seems to eat don't satisfy, also wanted to come to a disc, it began to curry favor with me, with furry body kept rub my legs, also with a pair of miserable expression on his face and looked at me, his expression seemed to say: & other; My good master, I still want to eat. Throughout the &; I immediately lowered my body to pet its head, and added a dessert to it, lovely to see, close to my feet.

  Small cute is a good friend of me was like peas and carrots, also is my happy fruit, I met what not happy thing, as long as the little cute, what worries are gone, animals are human's good friends.

我的朋友英语作文 篇3

  I have a good friend. she is a beautiful girl. she has long black hair, two big black eyes and a red mouth. her voice is better. she is good at singing. She is a clever girl. She likes reading books , playing computer games and chess. she is also nice. she often helps us . our classmates like her very much.


我的朋友英语作文 篇4

  My friend Jane is a pretty and cute girl. She has a pair of big and bright eyes, which seem as if they can speak. Under her small lovely nose,there is a little naughty mouth.

  Her hair is straight and long, hanging down to her shoulders. In one word, she is a healthy girl.

  She is the best student in her class. She always gets full marks in the exams.

  What's more, she can play the piano, and she sings and dances well.

  In every New Year's party,she plays the piano and sings sweet songs for her classmates. Everybody loves her very much.

我的朋友英语作文 篇5

  Zhang Dong is my best friend. He entered our class last semester. He is a boy. Both of us are good at English, so we often have a chat in English in our spare time. After school, we often play football together on the playground. He runs so fast that I can not catch up with him. He is an excellent student. He not only gets good marks in all subjects but also is very kind and modest. He loves popular songs and also classical music.

  There are three people in his family and he is the only child. His father is a doctor and his mother is a Beijing Opera actress. Though Zhang Dong's family is wealthy, he is usually simply dressed. He has a dream which is to be a lawyer.

  Such is my friend, a clever and kind boy. He is highly praised by the teachers and students.




我的朋友英语作文 篇6

  I have many friends, but Jim is one of my best friends。 He is not handsome, but kind—hearted。 We know each other at primary school。 He was the tallest in our class at that time。 He is good at study and playing basketball, while bad at playing table tennis。 Everytime he has delicious food, he will give it to me。 Moreover, whenever I feel sad, he will play with me and comfort me。 However, he is not spoilt me。 For example, everytime I meet difficulties in study, I would like to copy his, but no matter what I say, he never give his homework to me to copy。 Instead he teaches how to do it。 All in all, no matter what difficulties I meet, he will help me。 It is him make me realize that a friend in need is a friend indeed。

我的朋友英语作文 篇7

  My Best Friend我最要好的朋友

  Everybody has a best friend that they can share everything with. I also have a best friend. We met in school, and we're in the same grade.每个人都有可以与之分享所有事的最要好的朋友。我也有个最要好的朋友。我们是在学校里相遇的,还是一个年级的。

  My best friend is a good student because he is very hardworking. I learn a lot from him. He helps me with math; I help him with English. We always help each other. Besides that, he's honest and reliable. I trust him completely and we share secrets all the time.我的好朋友是一个好学生,因为他非常努力(学习)。我从他身上学到很多(东西)。他帮我复习数学,我帮他复习英语。我们总是互相帮助。除此之外,他是个老实并可信赖(的人)。我完全相信他,我们一直分享着秘密。

  My best friend is a loyal and brave boy. When a bully teased me, he came to my rescue right away. He always remembers my birthday and he is fun to be with. He tells funny jokes and stories. He always makes me laugh. Finally, he is a very good listener and he knows how to cheer me up when I'm down. I hope we'll stay friends forever.我最要好的朋友也是一个忠诚并勇敢的男孩。当恶霸欺负我的时候,他立马来解救我。他总是记得我的生日,而且与他相处很愉快。他告诉我有趣的笑话和故事。他总是使我发笑。最后,他是一个很棒的倾听者,当我心情低落的时候,他知道如何让我振作起来。我希望我们能成为永远的朋友。

我的朋友英语作文 篇8

  My friend called from her shirt Peng 69Park Road London, she's not tall,Cherry mouth,.

  Her 16-year-old this year, and her favorite language is English and Chinese often take part in some competitions and English writing competition, she likes watching television, especially Chinese and English television and film, because she's not tall like playing basketball so I hope that his sub-long high.

  This is my friend Peng shirt.

我的朋友英语作文 篇9

  A friend is you sad when a beam of sunlight; A friend is when you meet with difficulties mentor; A friend is a person to share the happiness with you。

  He turned the students is 2 grade。 At that time, he is not familiar with the unfamiliar environment, I often take the initiative to find chat, so we become good friends。 When I argue with others, he would support me; When I'm depressed, he would come and share the; When I am happy, he will rejoice with me。 Remember, in the four grade school chorus competition, must attend every class。 From now on, always can see us in our class on the playground sweat; In class, always hear the singing of our class。 Time flies, blink of an eye the game is coming。 In front of the class, a than a wonderful。 Although our strength, but the result of the game makes us very disappointed。 The classmates cry, I cry very sad。 At this time, he came over and gently patted me on the back: "don't cry, failure is the mother of success, not today, and the next time?" Listen to his heart, I feel much better。 Time was not long before, my best friend turned away to school, it is definitely icing on the cake for me。 I cry。 He said: "Zhao Zhenhang you don't cry, not to say that a true friend。 What has"? "Sea memory know, tianya zorpia, stupid" I then his words。 "I am a fool, I am a fool。" He smiled jokingly。

我的朋友英语作文 篇10

  By the light of the setting sun, without any word, Tom and I were sitting by the lake that shone like glass. Because our hearts filled with sadness, the birds seemed not to want to sing.

  The last three years have seen the deep friendship between Tom and me. Thinking about the days when we studied and grew up together, we couldn’t help hugging.

  At first, I got to know Tom through playing basketball. He was fond of basketball, which left an impression on me. Unluckily, I got injured in one basketball match, which made me want to give up playing basketball. Tom encouraged me not to give up my dream of becoming a famous basketball player. He taught me how to protect myself in games, so I gradually rebuilt confidence. Finally, friendship was built in our hearts deeply.

  However, the three-year life at junior middle school was going to be at an end. Now, we must be apart. By the light of setting sun, sadness spread in our hearts. The thing which we could do is what we would like to do. I still keep the friendship as a treasure in my mind.