If I were a Boy Again 假如我又回到了童年

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If I were a Boy Again 假如我又回到了童年


         f ere a Boy ga n 假如我又回到了童年
  f ere a boy aga n, ould pract ce perseverance more often, and never g ve up a th ng because t as or nconven ent. f e ant l ght, e must conquer darkness. Perseverance can somet mes equal gen us n ts results. “There are only t o creatures,” syas a proverb, “ ho can surmount the pyram ds—the eagle and the sna l.”
  f ere a boy aga n, ould school myself nto a hab t of attent on; ould let noth ng come bet een me and the subject n hand. ould remember that a good skater never tr es to skate n t o d rect ons at once.
The hab t of attent on becomes part of our l fe, f e bega n early enough. often hear gro n up people say “ could not f my attent on on the sermon or book, although shed to do so” , and the reason s, the hab t as not formed n youth.
f ere to l ve my l fe over aga n, ould pay more attent on to the cult vat on of the memory. ould strengthen that faculty by every poss ble means, and on every poss ble occas on. t takes a l ttle hard ork at f rst to remember th ngs accurately; but memory soon helps tself, and g ves very l ttle trouble. t only needs early cult vat on to become a po er.

  f ere a boy aga n, ould cult vate courage. “Noth ng s so m ld and gentle as courage, noth ng so cruel and p t less as co ard ce,” syas a se author.
e too often borro trouble, and ant c pate that may never appear.” The fear of ll e ceeds the ll e fear.” Dangers ll ar se n any career, but presence of m nd ll often conquer the orst of them. Be prepared for any fate, and there s no harm to be freared.
f ere a boy aga n, ould look on the cheerful s de. L fe s very much l ke a m rror: f you sm le upon t, sm les back upon you; but f you fro n and look doubtful on t, you ll get a s m lar look n return.
nner sunsh ne arms not only the heart of the o ner, but of all that come n contact th t. “ ho shuts love out , n turn shall be shut out from love.”
f ere a boy aga n, ould school myself to say no more often. m ght r te pages on the mportance of learn ng very early n l fe to ga n that po nt here a young boy can stand erect, and decl ne do ng an un orthy act because t s un orthy.
f ere a boy aga n, ould demand of myself more courtesy to ards my compan ons and fr ends, and ndeed to ards strangers as ell. The smallest courtes es along the rough roads of l fe are l ke the l ttle b rds that s ng to us all nter long, and make that season of ce and sno more endurable.
F nally, nstead of try ng hard to be happy, as f that ere the sole purpose of l fe, ould , f ere a boy aga n, ould st ll try harder to make others happy.



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